Thursday, 6 February 2014

A tiny bit of inspiration...

Art nowadays is the gathering of reproductions, copies and ready mades. On the regular basis we can hear the opinions that: 'everything was already created!, 'there is nothing new what art can offer!' and others. 

I wish to be original and creative, yet I have to admit that my mind is limited to shaping in pictures what actually was already seen by it. 

To push myself and reach the limits I gathered couple of pictures to get inspired. Pictures were seen here and there and made me withhold my breath. 


(I also fully aknowledge that all rights to them are reserved by unknown to me owners.)

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  1. Jak zwykle fenomenalny post! Jesteś mistrzynią! :-*
    Uwielbiam takie małe zbiory inspiracji!
    Już coś dla siebie podpatrzyłam... :-))
    No i jak tu nie chcieć wracać po więcej? :-]

    U mnie co nieco o brokułach – wiedziałaś że leczą nowotwory?

    Katherine Unique


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