Sunday, 9 February 2014

I love Sundays!

Today was day of good outcomes!

Firstly since I got my Vans Slip-ons I just can't get enough of them. I believe it match to every set as well as they are suitable for every kind of weather. Today was a bit rainy and I was not truly sure if it will be good choice to wear canvas trainers, but it appeared that they get dry in approx 15 sec, so I have got another reason to love them even more!

Secondly I managed to convince 53R102K4 to participate in Sunday Cooking! That was very important for me as we do not have time for each other lately. I am very busy with my project, he is busy with his own things and I was really struggling to think of some in common activity, which will not take us away from important stuff. After today we both know that Sunday Cooking is going to be a custom in our home now, cos we had great fun and made delicious food!

jacket H&M/top FAT FACE/pants RIVER ISLAND/slipons VANS/watch TALLY WEIL

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