Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Topshop Unique AW 2014/2015

Topshop is a high street brand, which couple of years ago entranced into the catwalk with it's Topshop Unique. From that very moment the creative achivements of it are improving and season after season we are witnessing how the brand is getting strengten. 

The idea is quite simple- mixing the high street fashion with sophisticated fabrics can create what a present youth may want- unique and fully wearable line which is aiming to be the top brand of it's class: Topshop Unique.

Autumn/Winter collection was perfect in every detail. Firstly during winter a lot of women is deciding to choose comfort. The line presented garments from flexible fabrics, natural, so comfortable. Mixed with big oversized jackets and socks sets are asking to warm us up during the cold season. We can find all winter wardrobe attributes in beautiful shades of blue and mustard. 

Overall this is great collection and I am first in the queue to buy it.


  1. This collection is amazing!!! Love it :)


  2. That second blue coat is so suave, love it, great collection.

  3. Love this collection! Looks so good xx


  4. Great collection!! I love its colours!


  5. I'm going to queue with you because I LOVE this collection!!! Looks so high-fashion but at better prices haha :) xxx


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