Sunday, 2 February 2014

Brno is like a Icerink!

Today is Sunday and I love Sundays! There is a lot of reasons for that like: sleeping till noon, hanging around with my 53R102K4, nothing what HAS-TO-BE-DONE... I could expand that list for hours, but today there was one more, unusual reason. 

Today as always we went out with 53R102K4 to have some outside located activity, but it appeared that we can barely walk on the streets of Brno as there was rink all around the city. We had so much fun sliding around and looking for a perfect spot to do some vans-skating, it was awesome!!! We both felt like kids and forgot about everyday struggles, work that have to be done and so on. It was the best anti-stress therapy ever, I totally recommend it! 


top NEW LOOK/hoodie TOPSHOP/jeans ABANDON/slipons VANS


  1. very nice outfit like it

  2. nice! Choice a bigger photos because they are really pretty! :)
    wanna follow each other?
    let me know on


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