Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chapter about Disclosure concert related excitment

Since December I already knew that Disclosure planned official tour around Europe. A friend of mine helped me to decided that if anything will happen nearby Brno, than for sure we need to be there. Not so long ago we found out that there are two events in cities nearby, one in Prague and one in Vienna. 

Firstly we have been heading for Vienna as, you know, it is Vienna, but than it appeared that the event is going to be on Sun (office day after concert... owh my God I don't think so....) and will be much more expensive than in Prague (let's face it we are not millionaires) , so I believe you understand decision was actually simple- Prague.

Today I bought the tickets! I am so excited and can't wait till the trip!!! It's gonna be AWESOME!

If you fancy feel free to join me tickets can be bought HERE. If you wish to listen to some of Disclosure hits please check it  HERE to visit his official youtube channel. For a time being please enjoy the newest video by Disclosure

jacket TOPSHOP/top ZARA/pants H&M/boots BATA

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