Sunday, 16 February 2014

Chapter of trouser's second life

Is it still winter or is already spring coming?

Last couple of days was so warm, that I decided to wear cut out trousers. This is actually good idea for a pants you are already a bit bored with. Mine, shiny disco pants from River Island, was lying in a wardrobe for a couple of months up till last week when I was doing some clean ups. 

I have seen a lot of stylisations with cut out jeans and it made me inspired. I thought, I do not wear them anyway, so if it's an epic fail I will just never wear them again. Out of the sudden old pants become my favorites. I love that even cut out still are having all the attributes of skinnies. I like the idea of whole knees out when sitting down.

Hope you enjoy that idea and maybe some of your pants will also have a second life!

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  1. great beanie. xo


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