Friday, 21 February 2014

HomeMade Beauty SPA

Today I felt like on Saturday.

For a past couple of days I was very busy in THE-OFFICE as we have been working on the big project. Now when it is over and I got back my spare time I finished quite early and I had opportunity to wander around. When I felt already like coming back home I got a message from 53R102K4 that he wont come back home early and I could concentrate just on myself- make for myself a Home-Made-Spa :)

I am a huge fan of home made cosmetics. I believe it helps me to keep my skin soft and fresh as it contains fully natural ingredients.

I start with a warm bath, but not too long one. After couple of minutes in warm water I make a peeling from sugar/salt mixed with olive oil. Sugar as it is bigger is good for more hard skin, salt on the other hand is small and deals perfectly with face. It makes skin cleared and soft.
I use a poridge mask for my face. It helps to keep oily skin embraced.

Before having a bath I wash my hair and while in a warm bath I keep on my hear treatment wax. It is great for fussy, puffy hair like mine when used once a week.

For tired eyes perfect is compress from black tea. It helps to get rid of dark shadows.
After clearing my skin it gets perfectly moistured by cucumber compress.


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